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Handmade Ornaments with Block-printed paper


Make these colorful Christmas Angels with block-printed paper this season! A fun project to do by yourself with a cup of tea or with your kids and family.

What you need: 
- Block-printed Paper or any other paper of your choice
- Twine
- Glue gun
- Scissors
- Sewing needle 
What to do: 
1. Cut the paper into sections according to the following measurements: 
To make small angels: wings 8 x 12 cm, skirt: 11.5 x 13 cm (width x height)
To make big angels: wings: 11.5 x 14 cm, skirt 14 x 16 cm (width x height)
2. Fold each section into a concertina shape - starting at the shorter end, with each fold around 1 cm in width. 
3. Shape the ends of the folds with scissors (creating rounded ends, points or hearts) or use the hole punch to create a pattern. 

4. Fold your concertina paper in half and make a hole through the middle, cutting through all the layers. 


5. Glue the wings (the smaller section) to the skirts (the larger section) 
6. Use the needle to guide the string the entire way through the holes in the skirt and wings and tie a knot at the bottom so that it stays in place. 
7. Knot the string at the top, leaving a fairly large loop with which to hang your angel. 
8. Unfold the skirt and glue the inner edges to one another to form a skirt.
And that's it! You have your choir of angels! I hope you have a fun time making these. 

Handmade ornaments

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