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Slow and Handmade Holidays for this festive season

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This year, holidays will be an intimate family affair. I am actually looking forward to spending some slow time with my family - without the frenzy, lavish holiday parties and expensive gifts. My idea of holidays this year is hanging out at home with my husband and couple of close friends. But, that doesn't mean it won't feel like holidays. I am trying to make it extra special this year by thoughtfully creating holiday decor and intimate tablescapes at home. 


We got our Christmas tree delivered couple of days back. Oh the living room is already smelling heavenly! This year, I wanted to feel like white Christmas, so I lightly flocked the tree. It was simple. Mist the tree, apply the flocking powder using a fine sieve, which I bought from here and mist it again. Let it dry overnight and you have that beautiful snowy tree! I also made some wooden beads garland to add to the tree. I bought loose beads from a local store and threaded them together. The ornaments were bought from couple of local stores including Etsy and all are handmade by people, fair trade and ethically made. 


For the tablescape, I used Magnolia branches and curly willow twigs from our local farmers market, some mini pears, vintage vase and brass candle holders. I used Arundhati placemats and Sitara table napkins to give the table a moody yet soft look. Candles are from The Floral Society. Also added some home dried navel orange slices as decor. Simple to make - slice them thin using a serrated knife or mandoline, bake them at 200 degrees for 3-4 hours turning them every half an hour. Once completely dry, take them out and use them in garlands, wreaths or table decor! 







Hope you enjoyed my idea of simple and beautiful holiday table and decor for this festive season. I would be posting more about the holiday decor in the coming days on Instagram. So follow along if you like and don't forget to share your holiday decor too by tagging @soiltostudio on your stories and posts. Wishing everyone a very happy and safe holiday season!! 
Love, Swati 


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